Bajaj Urbanite Price in India, Specifications, Pros and Cons Review

Bajaj Urbanite Price in India, Specifications, Pros and Cons Review

If we ask you which is the most popular brand for scooters in India then you might say, Bajaj. We are going to talk about an iconic product from Bajaj which is Bajaj Chetak. We are sure that you are a 90s kids then you would have ridden a Chetak with your dad. No, we do not mean to bring back the nostalgic memories but we want to talk about the future. Bajaj has also thought about the same and hence they launched an electric scooter. Yes, we are talking about Bajaj Urbanite and you will find all the information about Bajaj Urbanite here. Check out the details.

Specifications, Accessories, and Features

The scooter from Bajaj looks like any other traditional scooter and you would not be able to feel the difference until someone tells you that this is an electrical vehicle. The design is certainly a lot more refined and with the integration of the electrical module, you can now run the scooter on electricity. As per the information available, you can fully charge the vehicle in a period of just 5 hours. 1% charge is equivalent to 1 Km and this means that with 100% charge, you can get 100 Kms of range. This can prove to be a great vehicle for going to the office and other such daily commutes. Another thing that we would like to add about the charging system is that it takes 1 hour to charge 25% of battery levels.

The scooter can now be connected to your mobile phone and this can help you in locating the scooter anytime you need to check. You will receive notifications on your mobile if someone accesses the scooter without your permission and you will also be notified in case of an accident. Now, the brand has also decided to offer a warranty on batteries. This is going to be provided for 3 years or 50,000 kms. This factor surely reinforces trust in electrical vehicles. The scooter is rated at IP67 and hence you do not have to worry about rains or weather conditions

The new model also has a reverse gear which is something new. The display shows you the speed, range, time, gear and battery levels.




Induction Motor with Lithium-Ion Batteries

Maximum Power


Not Known



Disc Brakes

Top Speed


Yet to be Announced



100 Kms.

Tubeless Tyres



Colour and Variants

There are three colours available in Bajaj Urbanite and there will be a single variant option available. There are chances that the brand may launch more variants in the coming time. The information will be updated as and when it is made available


  • Comes from a reliable brand like Bajaj
  • Offers good warranty policy
  • As per the expected price, it looks like an affordable scooter
  • Has a good effective range


  • Nothing as of now


The expected price of Bajaj Urbanite is between Rs 75,000 to Rs 1, 00,000. We are sure that the government will offer some incentives for the purchase of the electric scooter.