Ford Mustang Mach-e Electric SUV, Specifications, Pros and Cons Review

The world is moving towards the cleaner source of energy and this is true for the cars as well. Most of the brands have started launching the electric vehicles and the list includes brands like Hyundai, Suzuki and many more. Recently Ford also revealed its electric SUV and it has really taken the market by storm. This event was held in mid of November when Ford officially revealed Mustang Mach-e. This will offer strong competition to Tesla Model Y.

Specifications, Accessories, and Features

The style elements of Ford Mustang area really strong and it looks futuristic. The bodywork has several lines running from front to bottom which is not just going to help the car aerodynamically but it is also giving an impressive look to the car. The car has several connectivity features which include giving full control to the user via mobile phone.

Talking more about the design, it was noticed that the Ford Mustang Mach-e lacks the conventional handle and it rather has a button to unlock and open the door. The doors can be unlocked using a mobile phone as well.

You will also get an option to choose between the AWD version and the RWD version depending on your choice.




Single Motor and Twin Motor

Maximum Power


337 HP

Top Speed


Capped at 179 Kmph



Up to 595 Kms


It is known that the Ford will be launching this car in several variants. This includes the two battery pack size. In addition to this, there will be three power output variants as well. As per the details, the car will have a single motor in the rear when we talk about the base model. This will most probably have a 75 kWh battery with an output of 258 hp or a 99 kWh battery with an output of 289 hp. The torque produced by both the variants will be 416 Nm. The range of the base model is said to be around 450 Kms while the range of the second variant in the list is said to be around 595 Kms.

There will also be a twin motor variant to the car and in this, the car will come in same battery packs of 75 kWh or 99 kWh. The variation will come in the torque which will go up till 582 Nm. In terms of the range, the twin motor version will have an effective range of 419 Km and 540 Km. the top speed of these cars is known to be capped at 179 kmph. Accurate details about the range will be revealed once the car is closer to launch.

Final Verdict

It is really worth waiting for this American Brand to launch the electric SUV in the market. With the extended range, it is in direct competition with Tesla. The car is certainly luxurious and the starting price is going to be around USD 43,895.