How to get FASTag for Car?

You might already be aware of the fact that the FASTag will become mandatory from 15 December 2019. This will help in the smooth transition of vehicles at the tolls and it will reduce the traffic jams. The move is also expected to reduce the pollutions in several places. If you do not know what the FASTag is then let us tell you that the FASTag is a rechargeable prepaid tag that allows automatic toll collection. The tag can be fixed to your car and it works on RFID. There are 22 certified banks which are distributing FASTag to the people who need it. You can purchase it through Amazon and Paytm as well. Let us move ahead and look at the process to buy FASTag and activate the one that you received.

How to Buy FASTag?

As mentioned above, you can walk up to any of the 22 certified banks to get the FASTag and it is available at most of the branches. You can order it online from the bank or you can order it from Paytm or even Amazon. The only document that you will need for purchasing the FASTag is the picture of the front and the backside of the vehicle registration certificate. Once you have it, follow the steps below

  • You can walk to up any of the branches and obtain the FASTag by giving a copy of RC and paying the required fee.
  • You can also order it online by searching FASTag on Amazon. Ensure that you check the vehicle class that you are ordering it for.
  • You can navigate to FASTag section of Paytm and order FASTag from Paytm as well. This will be delivered to your home.
  • If you hold an online account then most of the banks are offering the FASTag via Online medium as well. You can log in to the banking portal or the mobile app. Navigate to FASTag section and order it from there.

How to Activate FASTag?

It is quite easy to activate the FASTag. You will get the instructions with the FASTag and this will help you in activating it. Generally, you can activate it by downloading the mobile application called “My FASTag”. The application is available on Android and Apple. Once you have the application, you can enter the account details and you can then choose to download NHAI pre-paid wallet where you will be able to pay the fee in a pre-paid manner. This will prevent any charges on your bank account.

What is the Fee Associated with FASTag?
The issuance charge of for the FASTag is RS 100 and then all the banks are charging Rs 200 as a refundable deposit. Apart from this, there is a first recharge that the bank is doing for you. The amount of the first recharge varies from 100 to 200 Rs. If you are opting for a financial institute that is giving Rs 100 first recharge then the cost of the FASTag will be Rs 400. Some of the banks are also waiving off the issuance charge for you.