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Revolt RV 400 Price in India, Specifications, Pros and Cons Review

Revolt RV 400 Price in India, Specifications, Pros and Cons Review

You have seen many electrical cars available in India but the fact is that a lot of people in India still prefer bikes. There weren’t many options available for the people who wanted an electric bike and the ones that were available were not very reliable. The good news is that Revolt recently launched 2 electric bikes in India. Today, we are going to talk about Revolt RC 400. These bikes were launched in November and it had been sold out for the first two months. The booking is no open again for the delivery in January and February 2020. Check out more details about this innovative electric bike here.

Specifications, Accessories, and Features

The bike features several standard functionalities. This includes a LED headlamp, a digital instrument cluster and apart from this, you also get a 4G connectivity on your bike. Since there is no noise on the bike, a speaker has been integrated into the bike which gives the sound of the exhaust and it makes you as well as the people on the road aware of the presence of the bike. The bike has been tested for Indian conditions and it has performed quite well. In the ARAI tests, the bike managed to run 156 km on a single charge. The bike also features a combine braking system to help you in stopping at the right distance

In terms of mileage, the bike can run 150 Kms on eco mode, 100 Kms on Normal Mode and 80 km in sports mode. The speed also varies as per the mode. For the eco mode, the speed is capped at 45 Kmph, for normal mode is 65 Kmph and for sports mode, the top speed is 85 Kmph.


Battery Capacity


72V, 3.24 KWh

Maximum Power


Not Known



3 KW

Top Speed


85 Kmph



156 km on a full charge

Tubeless Tyres



Colour and Variants

The bike is available in 2 colours which are red and black. In addition to this, the bike also has two variants which are the standard variant and the premium variant. The premium variant has some additional features like the remote control, immobilizer, and push the stop button. Apart from this, there are other general features available in both the bikes which includes geo-fencing, mobile app, diagnostics and find nearest battery switch station.




The starting price of the base model of Revolt 400 is Rs 1.38 lakhs and the premium model is priced at Rs 1.57 Lakh. The company also offers attractive monthly payment plans which comes at a price of RS 3,499 and RS 3,999. You can choose among the full payment or you can choose the monthly payment plan as per your needs.

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